Get Cooking in Sims Freeplay and become the top chef!


Who can cook?

Adults, teenagers, and seniors can cook.

Where can I cook?

You can cook at home or in a restaurant.

Any cheats for Sims Freeplay to speed up cooking career?

This is not guaranteed but rumors are that there are sites that offer hacks and cheats like The Emerald Sims Estates.

What are the cooking options and when does each one unlock?

  • Cheese and tomato on toast unlocks after 1 minute
  • Bacon and eggs unlock after 5 minutes
  • Burgers (level 2) unlock after 20 minutes
  • Pizza (level 2) unlocks after 40 minutes
  • Chili con carne (level 3) unlocks after 1 hour
  • Spaghetti (level 3) unlocks after 2 hours
  • Quiche (level 4) unlocks after 3 hours
  • Nachos (level 4) unlock after 5 hours
  • Spicy tuna rolls (level 5) unlock after 8 hours
  • Chicken salad (level 5) unlocks after 2 hours
  • Tacos (level 6) unlock after 12 hours
  • Roast beef (level 6) unlocks after 1 day