Get Cooking in Sims Freeplay and become the top chef!


Who can cook?

Adults, teenagers, and seniors can cook.

Where can I cook?

You can cook at home or in a restaurant.

Any cheats for Sims Freeplay to speed up cooking career?

This is not guaranteed but rumors are that there are sites that offer hacks and cheats like The Emerald Sims Estates.

What are the cooking options and when does each one unlock?

  • Cheese and tomato on toast unlocks after 1 minute
  • Bacon and eggs unlock after 5 minutes
  • Burgers (level 2) unlock after 20 minutes
  • Pizza (level 2) unlocks after 40 minutes
  • Chili con carne (level 3) unlocks after 1 hour
  • Spaghetti (level 3) unlocks after 2 hours
  • Quiche (level 4) unlocks after 3 hours
  • Nachos (level 4) unlock after 5 hours
  • Spicy tuna rolls (level 5) unlock after 8 hours
  • Chicken salad (level 5) unlocks after 2 hours
  • Tacos (level 6) unlock after 12 hours
  • Roast beef (level 6) unlocks after 1 day

Snops Attack! Zombie Defense – Video Game Created by one man, Mike Walz

Do you want to pick up a game and play without having to follow the story so hard that it hurts your head? Are you looking for a shooting game that would grab your interest and which you could play on and on till your head is cleared? Do you want a shooting game that feels just right when you are trying to control the main character? Then Snops Attack! Zombie Defense is the best choice for you!

The game is a single player Xbox game and was released in 2012. It received many positive reviews and was ranked in the fifth position in review. Snops Attack! Also has a cult following in Japan and has been covered extensively by the Japanese magazine Gameside. Apart from this, the game also received positive reviews from gamers in the USA and France.

Snops Attack! was developed by a one-man team, Mike Walz. Walz coded the game, designed the character, plotted the story line, and gave the background score and other sounds that are associated with the game.

In Snops Attack!, the main character is Snops, a heroic military dog who has to fight a zombie epidemic that has taken a control of the world. Massive firepower! Explosions! Snops is the second-to-last chance, so there is no way you could lose the game! The hero flies through zombie forests and shoots at creatures that have turned to zombies. There are also zombie crafts to shoot at! The character of Snops has been dedicated in the memory of Walz’s dog Snoopy/Snoppy.

The subgenre of the game is Shoot em up or SHMUP of the shooter genre. In SHMUP, the protagonist usually operates alone from a space ship or an aircraft. He/she faces a large numbers of enemies and issues many projectiles at the same time at the enemies.

In Snops Attack! Vertical shooting form of SHMUP is used. In vertical shooting, the player has a view from above the protagonist and the enemies usually emerge from top of the screen. Walz decided to use a 2D SHMUP so that it gave an “old-school” feel to the game.

Initially, Walz had tried to create SHMUP using SilverLight but they did not come out as good as he had expected. Around this time, he had come across Microsoft XNA Game Studio Express. He did a lot of research, and dived into various tutorials in books and internet. To keep himself motivated, he signed up for $100 Microsoft Creative Club membership. The membership fee was enough to make him code into the wee hours of the morning for the game.

Mike Walz took only 10 months to successfully design the game that has been played by more than a million people in this world. After redoing the codes over and over again, working on his artwork and background score, he was finally able to produce the game that he had worked so hard for.

While many would think that Walz’s biggest challenge would have been getting a consistent frame rate, Mike did not face any problem in that department. He believes that consistent frame rate is very essential and, since he was designing it for Xbox, he ensured that his game had 60 fps (frames per second).

Walz’s biggest challenge was animation because, he found it time consuming and was never satisfied with the results he produced.

Shooting games such as Twin Cobra, Thunderbolt and Soldier Blade were his inspirations while creating the game. While speaking to the media, Walz has said that he decided to try his hand at something that he really enjoyed so that he can understand what will be expected from the game by the players and design the game accordingly.

In this age, where revival of 80s game is in the vogue, this indie game has taken many gamers by a storm. Exciting and addictive, this game can be enjoyed by people of different age groups.

Mike Walz has been earning a living as a web developer since 1997 and has helped design many government websites in America. He has developed games in Atari 600, but they were never released to the public. The release of Snops Attack! – Zombie Defence is his first game to be made public. It could be one of the best you have always missed, enjoy your game!